Lori's coaching and consulting clients have this to say....

"Lori Pannell is a talented and insightful executive coach, and someone who has had an important impact on my professional development.  As just one example, when I ascended from mid-management to executive ranks, Lori worked with me to develop an action plan following the completion of a 360-degree feedback instrument.  She challenged me to become someone who strives not only to lead, but to develop other leaders.  This simple challenge to leave a different legacy profoundly affected my thinking and behavior."

     -  President and CEO, independent energy company


"I lead a large and diverse team (over 100) with a wide range of experience levels.  Lori Pannell was a person that I discussed issues and concerns with on a regular basis.  Lori had a unique ability to see things from different sides and frequently challenged me to see things in another way.  Lori has a direct and open style and is very capable of having the real conversation that is sometimes needed to progress an issue.  Lori is someone that I intend to stay connected with as I value her  insight into leadership challenges for large and small organizations."

     - Technical Director, major energy company


" I found a great listener in Lori.  Through our discussions, which often were based on inquiry and reflection, she was able to guide my progress along and help me improve my leadership skills not by setting directions but by leading me through new thought processes.  I was able to share my goals with an interested, supportive person and was able to verbalize and reflect concerns, using her listening skills as a sounding board.  She was always willing to give honest feedback and to highlight barriers and obstacles from different perspectives.  This would give me the opportunity to think processes through to come up with my own, best fitting solutions.  The discussions were productive, had practical outcomes and made me feel successful in the groups and my personal endeavors."

     - Technical professional and emerging leader in major energy company


"Throughout a close working relationship lasting more than five years, I have relied on Lori to deliver a continuous flow of honest perspective and valuable ideas.  Her skill in managing critical business relationships, making the most of her personal feedback and setting clear and measurable objectives has helped me consistently deliver enhanced business performance.  Lori's council is solidly supported by her broad understanding of business principles and her deep coaching expertise.  Without a doubt, she is one of my most trusted advisors."

     - President and COO, mid-sized energy company


"In her role as an advisor to our affinity group, Lori provided a lot of guidance in regards to the utilization of networks, focus on business plans, mission and vision setting and realization.  She motivated us to continuously improve the effectiveness of our actions."

    - Leader of Working Parents and Parents-To-Be affinity group in major energy company