Lori Pannell

Lori Pannell is a leadership coach with a passion for helping people improve their results, their relationships, their personal effectiveness and their enjoyment of what they do. We spend a large portion of our life at work.  Why shouldn't it be enjoyable and fulfilling?


Lori is known for quickly establishing trust with clients. She collaboratively assesses where they are and where they want to be. Through supportive listening, posing empowering questions and guiding clients to consider new possibilities, she helps them get out of their box and moving forward to a better future, a future they create.  She is encouraging yet holds clients accountable as they behave in new ways.  Lori transformed her own behaviors and results through the use of a coach.  She knows first hand how the partnership of an effective coach and a committed client creates significant change.


Lori's coaching clients have included:

  • leaders and professionals developing themselves for promotion or greater contribution
  • new team leaders honing their leadership style
  • seasoned leaders responding to 360 feedback or wanting to increase their team's effectiveness
  • newly promoted leaders desiring accelerated transition into new roles
  • individuals desiring more effective interview and/or presentation skills
  • leaders and professionals serious about making a bigger impact at work
  • leaders responding to career disappointment or feel stalled in their career progression